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Product Warranty

Product Warranty

(Berry+ Wave AC2100 and Berry+ Freedom AC1200)



Berry+ works  very hard to serve its customer and take any product issue very seriously. Berry+ stands behind its quality product offering  and therefore, warranty its product to be free from defects in manufacturing, malfunction, and functionalities under normal use and in normal conditions.



Warranty Period

Berry+ provides two (2) years of standard warranty from the date of purchase.


What’s included in Warranty Coverage

  • Any malfunction in product’s internal/external hardware (switches, ports, adapter)
  • Any defects that affect Berry+ Wave AC2100 and Berry+ Freedom AC1200 core functions
  • Any defects in product functionalities under normal use in normal condition

What’s NOT Included in Warranty Coverage

  • Accidental and intentional damage to the product
  • Any condition resulting from mishandling, inadequate maintenance, or care
  • Damage resulting from unauthorized modification of the product, misuse, or negligence
  • Shipping damage
  • Normal wear & tear, theft, or loss
  • Damaged caused by natural disaster

Warranty Process

Berry+ technical department will analyze and evaluate the issue and will decide one of the following to address the issue.

  • Repair the product, at no cost, if the product is still under warranty (within 2 years of purchase).
  • Replace any broken parts of a product
  • Exchange with a new product if defective product cannot be repaired

Claim Process

Customer can reach out to us at support@theberryplus.com to file for the claim. To ensure the proper handling of the claim, please follow the below guidelines:


  • Submit claims for defective products within 2 years from invoice/purchase date
  • Product should be returned in original packaging. If original packing is not available, then product should be packed nicely to avoid any damage
  • Repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase as confirmed by showing the model number on original dated sales/invoice receipt.