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Wireless Mesh Technology

A wireless mesh network comprises of a group of Wi-Fi devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network. In comparison to traditional Wi-Fi network, where there is a single router setup at home/office as a Wi-Fi source, mesh network would have multiple sources/nodes of Wi-Fi. Wireless mesh technology allows Wi-Fi signal to be broadcast from each node around your home/office, providing better coverage over a larger area. Mesh network also allows users to scale up their network by adding more nodes for additional Wi-Fi coverage. All nodes in a mesh network are connected to each other either wirelessly or even with a wire(if required). The nodes are added in such a way that each newly added node is within the Wi-Fi range of an existing node. The technology allows for connecting to the same Wi-Fi SSID seamlessly, whilst routing the Wi-Fi devices in a fast and efficient manner. As a user, if you setup multiple traditional routers at your place to extend your Wi-Fi connectivity range, each router would have its own SSID and it might require you to switch to the SSIDs manually as you move around; where as, the Wi-Fi Mesh technology facilitates you to have a single SSID for all your nodes together and connect to the closest node automatically and seamlessly.​​

Beamforming technology.

Beamforming is the technology that helps focus a Wi-fi signal in a specific direction. Traditional routers broadcast a Wi-Fi signal in all directions. With the help of beamforming, the Berry+ router determines where your devices are located and projects a stronger signal in that specific direction, enabling a faster, stronger wi-fi signal with longer range for each device. To understand the beamforming technology better, consider an analogy of being in a stadium watching a game of cricket. You can either listen to the live commentary of the game on the stadium’s centralized loud speakers or use a personalized headphone to hear the same commentary being streamed on-air. While the centralized speakers are loud and spread out, there are very high chances of you not being able to hear it clearly all the time due to the interference of audience noise or music or simply a chatty neighbor. In contrary, the personalized headphone streaming live commentary will be focusing the sound directly to your ears, thus removing much of the interference.

Password-free Secure Wi-Fi Access

Our Wi-Fi devices use a technology which provides password-free and secure access of wi-fi network to all the Wi-Fi clients, without the need of sharing your wi-fi passwords with every visitor you have at your place. Just touching on top of your node/router will allow such wi-fi connections to “Berry+Mesh_Connect” SSID of your device, during a configurable limited time.